Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wedding Day!!!

Hello everyone!! Well the day is finally here.. I'm Getting Married!!! I'm super excited and of course nervous but I wanted to show you a couple other things I purchased for my special day! I must say Etsy is really amazing for finding super cute additions to your wedding. They have EVERYTHING!! One day i was just clicking through the Wedding section and saw these adorable "Wedding Hangers", you can have your new name written on them or just "Bride" which is the one I liked. There's also plain wood hangers or they do a bling out version which I thought was awesome haha! Here's a link to the person I bought my Wedding Hanger from.. She did a great job and I received it in no time Here's a picture of my hanger.. I didn't show the dress because that's still a surprise =)

My Wedding Hanger with Black Ribbon

The other thing I purchased from Etsy was my Bridal Garter Set.. There were also thousands to choose from but I found the set that went perfect with my color scheme. They are so well made and have a large Swarovski Crystal in the center of the bow on both of the garters. The material feels luxurious and silky. One is supposed to be tossed and the other one is the one you keep. I won't be doing any tossing but it's nice they include 2. Here is a link to the person I bought it from

Ivory and Black Garter Set

Ivory and Black Garter Set

Well I hope you all liked the few pieces I've shared with you and hopefully gave you some ideas!! I'm off to be Wed soon, but I will be back with lots of pictures! We well be taking a week long California trip which will also result in new blog entries and many many pictures!! Enjoy =)

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