Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Nail Polishes

Hello everybody!! Today I'm going to show you my Top 10 Nail Polishes... (for the moment). There are millions of nail polish brands and colors out there so coming up with 10 was quite a struggle. I tried to pick only permanent shades that are always available but there are 2 that are limited edition. Don't get upset though, they are still available, so if you love one of these don't wait too long to get it. I picked these polishes because they are the ones I tend to wear frequently and I know I won't be disappointed with the color, wear or finish of them. I applied 2 coats of each polish and I did not use a top coat. I will include pictures with flash and no flash so you can see how they look in different lighting. Please excuse my nails, they're looking rough but I'm getting a manicure next week (I better be.. I'm getting married.. Lol!) ...Enjoy and let me know which nail polish you can't live without!!

Essie: Topless & Barefoot- This is a warm nude/beige cream. It applies evenly and I love the brush Essie uses, they are thin and not bulky like other brushes. Essie retails at $8.

Essie Topless & Barefoot No Flash

Essie Topless & Barefoot With Flash

OPI: Italian Love Affair- This is a really pretty baby pink with a pearly shimmer finish. It's a bit translucent but with 2 coats it usually looks great. OPI brushes are descent and apply the product evenly. OPI retails at $8.50.

OPI Italian Love Affair No Flash
OPI Italian Love Affair With Flash

MAC Cosmetics- Mean & Green- This one is definitely at the top of my list. It's such a cool color. It is a green and golden purple duochrome that changes as you move your hand. This polish came out with the "Disney Venomous Villains" collection and was limited edition but MAC just recently brought it back and is available at the stores right now. MAC Nail Polishes retail at $16.

MAC Mean & Green No Flash

MAC Mean & Green With Flash
Chanel: Graphite- This is a beautiful metallic pewter with glitter, shimmer and a foil finish. It is so sparkly I love it! This polish came out as a Limited Edition for Fall/Winter 2011 but last time I went to the Chanel counter it was still available. It is also still available on the Chanel website www.chanel.com. Chanel retails at $26

Chanel Graphite No Flash

Chanel Graphite With Flash
China Glaze: Ruby Pumps- This is one of my all time favorite red polishes. It is a red jelly base with red glitter... and it is Gorgeous!! It's super sparkly and the application of this polish is excellent. I highly recommend this polish, you won't regret it! China Glaze retails at $7

China Glaze Ruby Pumps No Flash

China Glaze Ruby Pumps With Flash
OPI: My Private Jet- This color is amazing!! It's a dark brown base with multicolor glitter. I will never get tired of this color, it will be in my collection forever! OPI retails at $8.50

OPI My Private Jet No Flash

OPI My Private Jet With Flash
Orly: Royal Navy- This is one of my favorite blue polishes. It is a true royal blue jelly base with teal glitter. The glitter is very subtle not like the ones in My Private Jet or Royal Pumps but it is still a fantastic color. I love Orly brushes as well the application is flawless. Orly retails at $8

Orly Royal Navy No Flash

Orly Royal Navy With Flash
Chanel: Black Pearl- This is a blackened teal with a silver shimmer and tiny teal glitter. I really love this color, it's so unique and a great alternative to black nail polish. Chanel retails at $26

Chanel Black Pearl No Flash

Chanel Black Pearl With Flash
MAC Cosmetics: Rougemarie- This is a true red-blue with no shimmer or glitter. To me it is a classic color that will always be in style. It's my retro red! MAC Cosmetics retail at $16

MAC Rougemarie No Flash

MAC Rougemarie With Flash

OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark- This was probably the first OPI nail polish I ever purchased.. It's been in my collection for years! It's a deep plum cream. It's vampy yet classic! If you're a nail polish fanatic this is for sure in your collection! OPI retails at $8.50

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark No Flash

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark With Flash