Friday, August 24, 2012

My Top 15 MAC Eyeshadows

Hello everyone! Today I decided to post my top 15 MAC eyeshadows. It was really hard to narrow it down to only 15. I said to myself "What if I could only have 1 PRO Palette??.. Which ones could I not live without???". Clearly I cringed at the thought of that but then eventually I gathered up my 15 choices. With these colors you can go from a natural everyday look to a glamorous evening look! The eyeshadows retail at $15 or $12 for the palette version at MAC stores or Enjoy the swatches and let me know which are your favorite MAC Eyeshadows =)
My Life Saving Palette
Brule- This shadow is a "Satin" finish. It is a very light creamy beige. It is a perfect color to go under the brow or just as a base for the entire lid.
All That Glitters- This shadow is a "Veluxe Pearl" finish. It is beige with a gold shimmer. This color looks really pretty on the lid with a slightly darker color in the crease, something like Saddle or Mulch.
All That Glitters
Patina- This shadow is a "Frost" finish. It is a taupe with a golden pearl shimmer. This color looks great alone on the lid. To make it stand out a little more smudge "Powersurge" Eye Kohl liner by MAC all over the lid and top it off with Patina.
Woodwinked- This shadow is a "Veluxe Pearl" finish. It is a deep warm gold, the pigmentation on this eyeshadow is awesome a little goes a long way! You'll see that where you blend this color more it turns into a rusty copper color. I love it!
Satin Taupe- This shadow is a 'Frost" finish. It is a dark taupe with silver shimmer. This color has become one of my favorites I love to wear it on my crease for a smokey effect.
Satin Taupe
Gorgeous Gold- This shadow is a "Veluxe Pearl" finish. It is a yellow gold with a kind of green iridescent sheen to it. I couldn't capture the true color of this shadow in the picture, but it is amazing. I love putting this color on the inner corners of the eyes to make your eyes pop!
Gorgeous Gold
Mulch- This shadow is a "Velvet" finish. It is a red brown with a bronze shimmer. It is a beautiful color to use for a more subtle smokey eye.
Trax- This shadow is a "Velvet" finish. This is one of my absolute favorites! It is a burgundy-plum with gold flecks and shimmer. This to me is a must have!
Cranberry- This shadow is a "Frost" finish. It is a reddish plum color with a pink shimmer on it. Again I love this color to create a smokey eye. Put it on the lid and use "Typographic" on the outer corners and a lot of black eyeliner.. Stunning!
Coppering- This shadow is a "Veluxe Pearl" finish. It is a rusty orange copper. This color is very dramatic and it might not be for everyone but I love it! Perfect for a Fall evening look, just apply "Gorgeous Gold" to the inner corners of the eyes and you're set!

Stars N' Rockets- This shadow is a "Veluxe Pearl" finish. It is a purple with a pink iridescent pearl shimmer. It's a very unique color that changes with light or movement. This looks so pretty with black eyeliner and a little bit of "Vellum" on the inner corners of the eyes.
Stars N' Rockets
Humid- This shadow is a "Frost" finish. It is a deep forest green with shimmer. If I ever feel like going for a green eye I always go for this shadow. 
Club- This shadow is a "Satin" finish. It is quite an interesting color.. It is a red brown with a green sheen/shimmer. It changes depending on the angle you're looking at it.. Just like "Stars N' Rockets". Great color to have!
Smut- This shadow is a "Velvet" finish. MAC describes it as being a Muted Black, but to me it is a very dark grey/brown with a burgundy shimmer. It's a great alternative if you don't want to do a Black smokey eye, this color looks fabulous!
Beauty Marked-  This shadow is a "Velvet" finish. It is a mix of black, red and purple with a sparkly shimmer. I think this was actually the first MAC eyeshadow I ever bought. I think it is absolutely beautiful and a must have!
Beauty Marked